Bring together Offer Transparency and Compliance with InstaOffers

Instaoffers is an upgrade to the old way of using spreadsheets to manage offers. Centralizing offers in one dashboard gives the seller transparent access to offers as they come in.

How it Works

Ensure Compliance

A transparent offer management platform ensures you are compliant with Fair Housing rules


Evaluate offer strength and provide your sellers with a transparent way to evaluate offers side by side

Bring Offer Competition

Facilitate multiple rounds of offers as you seek to get your seller top dollar

“The technology of offer management has gotten quite a bit of attention hately, while most industry executives believe it’s due to the current “hot market” At T3 Sixty, we believe that offer management as a category and technoogy is here to stay. With increased attention on total transparency, it’s essential that realtors present easily digestible and concise offers to their customers. Addintionally, as the market slows, offers will only become more complex. Therefore technology that make the presentation of these offers clear is imperative.”
Jonathan Peterson, SVP, Broker Technology at T3 Sixty